On Ramp Programme

Want to jump in right ahead

These natural, primal, movements influence the exercises included in CrossFit's workouts. We use the term "functional" to describe the exercises utilizing movements most representative of natural movement.

As everyone walking in our doors has a vast range of personal goals and ability levels our foundation On Ramp Programme is a coaching program designed with the flexibility to meet those needs.

On Ramp Programme is where everyone will start (Exceptions will be on an individual evaluation).

This is the perfect program for those intrigued by CrossFit and forms as a great foundation to join the group class. This is just not for beginners but for even a regular gym goer because the focus in these 12 sessions/1 Month programme is on movement quality, form and technique rather than intensity. We at CFFS have your safety as prime concern and would not pass this for any performance. Here the coaches patiently will work correcting the form, educating you on scalability, how to choose the right intensity during group classes and nutrition counselling.

It is important that you attend all these sessions without fail as these movements build on one another.

After completion of this On Ramp programme you can choose any one of the membership programmes available.